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  • CMR Controls CAL 95 (±1999.9 Pa) Precision Pressure Manometer

CMR Controls CAL 95 (±1999.9 Pa) Precision Pressure Manometer

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The CAL95 is a high precision portable air pressure manometer which is battery operated by 4 x 1.5V AA batteries which are fitted into special compartments on the rear of the instrument. A separate power supply for 230VAC is available for bench work to save battery power as optional. It comes complete with shoulder carrying case.

The unit has been designed to calibrate all CMR pressure or velocity transmitters and it incorporates a manual hand wheel pressure pump to pressurize the test transmitter. A silicone tube is connected to the CAL95 and the test transmitter and a pressure is generated by hand. The LCD display of the CAL95 indicates the actual pressure generated and it can then be compared with the test transmitter so that both read the same. A purge valve is fitted to both + and - port which eliminate the removal of the tubing every time the zero pressure is checked.

The calibrator has been designed for many different applications where accuracy and fast response is required, ie. differential pressure measurement, velocity pressure measurement and long term monitoring using the 0-2V output signal for computer scada systems. A fast and slow output signal or display can be achieved by a change over switch on the front panel. The Display has a back light for dark areas which can be toggled to on/off. A zero potentiometer is also situated on the front panel. The instrument can be zeroed by opening all purge valves to drain the remaining pressure from the transducer. An ideal commissioning instrument.


  • CAL-95 Pressure Calibrator
  • Range from 0 Pa to 1999.9 Pa
  • Pressure Output signal 0 - 1.99 V standard.
  • Linearity 0.2 % of Full Scale 0 to 1999.9 Pa
  • Battery Power Supply 4 x 1.5V AA Cells
  • External Power Supply 230VAC to 9 VDC Convertor
  • Repeatability 0.01 %
  • Manual Zero knob.
  • Enclosure Metal IP44
  • Tube connection 6mm barbed
  • Manual Purge valves fitted in front
  • UKAS Calibration Certificate standard
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