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  • Megger LCB 2500 Loop/RCD Tester

Megger LCB 2500 Loop/RCD Tester


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The Megger LCB 2500 series of Loop and Circuit Breaker testers utilise advanced microprocessor technology to provide a host of new features not normally associated with standard testers

The instrument utilises a large custom LCD display with a power saving LED backlight. The display is mounted behind a highly resilient polycarbonate window where it provides outstanding clarity and viewing angle

The LCB 2500 is designed to perform all the live system tests required for an electrical installation meet in full the requirements of the 16th Edition Wiring Regulations, (BS 7671). By providing a range of both basic and advanced features, all of which are simple to use, the LCB 2500 is designed for maximum user convenience and time saving.

As an example, the auto-sequence RCD test enables the instrument to perform and record all the necessary tests on an RCD in sequence whilst the user stays at the distribution board to reset the trip.

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