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  • Chauvin Arnoux 6240 Micro-Ohmmeter

Chauvin Arnoux 6240 Micro-Ohmmeter

Chauvin Arnoux

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The C.A. 6240 allows quick detection of any deterioration between 2 contact points. This means it can be used for a very broad range of applications:

  • Contact resistance of switches and circuit breakers
  • Earth continuity
  • Quality of weld spots
  • Surface condition and metallizing
  • Graphite electrode...

The C.A. 6240 micro-ohmmeter provides reliable, accurate measurements due to its test current of up to 10 A. This accuracy is ensured through:

  • use of the 4-wire method which eliminates the effects of the leads' resistances and the contact resistances.
  • the possibility of reversing the polarity of the measurement current, thus eliminating the effects of possible interference voltages.


  • Wide measurement range and excellent accuracy due to:
    • – the 4-wire measurement method
    • – current reversal
    • – test current up to 10 A
  • Very easy to use
  • Automatic measurement mode
  • Automatic "on the fly" or manual recording mode
  • Possibility of measurements on inductive components
  • Measurement prohibited in the presence of a disturbance voltage
  • Protection against accidental overloads up to 500 V
  • Large backlit LCD display
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