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  • Chauvin Arnoux CA 8335 Power Quality Analyser

Chauvin Arnoux CA 8335 Power Quality Analyser

Chauvin Arnoux

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The QualistarPlus C.A 8335 is synonymous with simplicity, performance, versatility and powerful analysis.

It offers all the necessary functions with demanding specifications usually reserved for top-of-the-range laboratory instruments

This instrument is ideal for engineers and technicians seeking all the functions of an electrical network analyser in a portable, battery-powered instrument.


  • Real-time display of wave forms (4 voltages and 4 currents)
  • RMS voltage and currents per half-period
  • Intuitive use
  • Automatic recognition of the different types of current sensors
  • Integration of all the DC components
  • Measurement, calculation and display of the harmonics up to the 50th order, along with the phase information
  • Calculation of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  • Capture of transients per sample (1/256th of a period)
  • Display of phasor diagram
  • Measurement of VA, W and var power values (total and per phase)
  • Measurement of VAh, Wh and varh energy values (total and per phase)
  • Calculation of the K-Factor
  • Calculation of the cos ф displacement power factor (DPF) and the power factor (PF)
  • Capture of up to 300 transients
  • Flicker calculation
  • Unbalance calculation (current and voltage)
  • Monitoring of the electrical network with setting of alarms
  • Back-up and recording of screenshots (image and data)
  • Software for data recovery and real-time communication with a PC
  • Recording and export onto PC
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