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  • Comark Diligence EV 5 Logger Kit

Comark Diligence EV 5 Logger Kit


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Comark’s Diligence EV range of data loggers provides a complete solution for the measurement of temperature, humidity or mA current.

The loggers are stand-alone, lightweight and small enough to be used almost anywhere that regular monitoring is required, reducing the need for manual checks and improving the accuracy of your information.

Use with EV Software to program logger tasks, download and analyse data, keeping permanent records to meet the requirements of industry regulations.

Housed in a robust case and waterproof to IP67 standards, the Diligence EV range includes multi-sensor models, capable of simultaneously monitoring several temperature locations.


  • LCD display screen allows instant checks of current readings and alarms
  • Large memory capacity with wraparound for continual realtime and historic data collection no forgotten readings, just log data and download
  • Alarm indication lights instantly warn of potentially unsafe conditions allowing instant corrective action
  • Water and dustproof sealed to IP67 standards for long life expectancy and accuracy
  • Lumberg connector provides secure connection of a wide range of Comark probes-types K, T or thermistor (model dependent)
  • Battery life up to five years enabling logging assignments over extended periods
  • Models with external probes are ideal for monitoring fridges and freezers
  • Models with built in sensor are suitable for chillers, storage and transport applications
  • Model measuring mA current can be easily connected into the control loop and programmed to measure a wide range of parameters for process and building management checks such as pressure, pH, airflow, dissolved oxygen and many more
  • UKAS Calibration Certificates available on most models
  • Software avaliable free of charge, download from product pages on www.comarkinstruments.com.
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