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The Megger® DET2/2 Auto Earth Tester is a robust compact instrument designed for measuring earth electrode resistance and soil resistivity. It uses the four terminal method of measurement which eliminates the resistance of the current circuit from the measurement. The circuit design ensures that the resistance of the potential circuit does not affect the measurement during practical testing.

The instrument is microprocessor controlled and provides a flexible, ‘user-friendly’ approach to earth testing by giving good error detection capabilities and full test information on a large easily readable alpha-numeric display. A simple key pad can be used to adjust the test frequency, the test current level and the filtering so that adverse conditions influencing the test may be overcome. The display indicates if:-

  • the noise interference in the soil passing the test current is excessive.
  • the current test spike resistance is too high.
  • the potential test spike resistance is too high.
  • the battery needs recharging.

Because these factors are indicated directly the whole testing procedure is accomplished easily and more rapidly.

A wide band of test current frequencies, with a resolution of 0,5 Hz, may be used to eliminate errors caused by noise in the earth. The chosen test current frequency, test current level and the increased filtering option are stored in memory for use in subsequent tests.

The display can be set to show its information in the following languages:- English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

The maximum output voltage is limited to 50 V for safety when performing a test and convenience when repositioning test spikes. The instrument is auto-ranging relieving the operator of any concern as to which resistance range to use. The low service error and an IP 54 environmental specification enable accurate results to be obtained in ‘unfriendly’ testing conditions.

Power for the instrument is supplied from a rechargeable lead acid battery which gives 5 hours of life per charge, equivalent to six hundred individual tests lasting 30 seconds each.

The DET2/2 is built into a robust plastic case and has its four terminals, equipped for spade or 4 mm connectors, mounted on the front panel.


  • High resolution – 1 mΩ – ideal for large earthing systems
  • High accuracy for earth electrode and soil resistivity testing
  • Test voltage 50 V max. for safety
  • Rechargeable battery power with long battery life and rapid re-charge
  • A robust, versatile instrument with IP54 protection
  • Filter and high current features to enable valid earth testing in difficult situations
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